Decoding & Understanding Your Life Purpose

A series of five workshops to help you become more conscious and aligned with your life purpose.

Decoding & Understanding Your Life Purpose

As a spiritual being you have limited time here on Earth. You were born, live for a time, and in the perfect moment will depart from it.

Your life was not meant to be solely the pursuit of power, pleasure, and material success. Your life is meant for something greater. The development of your Soul... the evolution of your spiritual consciousness.

There is a purpose for your life here on Earth. It includes every dimension of human existence and transcends it. You have a life purpose.
A spiritual assignment and reason for your being here.

But in taking up a human body and mind, your consciousness has become limited... you have forgotten your deeply spiritual nature and you have forgotten your spiritual assignment.

When you do not live in alignment with that life purpose you feel aimless, restless, and dissatisfied with the flow of your life. But when you become conscious of your life purpose, align with it and seek to live purposefully - the experience is fulfilling, expansive, and uplifting.

Because you know deep within yourself that you are working on your spiritual assignment.

Becoming conscious of your life purpose is a process of waking up. As you seek to know yourself you begin to understand what is your purpose and spiritual assignment. But that process can be challenging. That is you might feel directionless in your life. That is why you might have things going in your favor in life, but still feel lost. That is why you might not be inspired to pursue some societal dream given to your by your parents.

This workshop week is about decoding your life purpose. It is a topic I have explored for many years... that I feel driven to explore and share with others. I believe it is part of my own life purpose to help others become more conscious and fulfill their spiritual assignments. Those of you who know me a bit better, know that I have designed my life completely around serving that need.

This workshop week will be personally revealing... helping you to see and understand yourself better. It is a highly practical process that will help you to awaken to your life purpose and give you guidelines to start fulfilling it as a spiritual assignment.

Each workshop will be a bit of
>guided reflection exercise/s
>facilitated group conversation

Of course each day builds on the material of the previous - but there is still great value in every topic individually.

Day 1 - The Ultimate Purpose of Life
Is there an ultimate purpose to all of creation and to my life?
A personal inquiry into purpose and understand how that affects you.

Day 2 - The Purpose of this Lifetime
Exploring the four aims of life described in ancient Vedic wisdom.
Exploring a "modern" version: Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.
Creating a map for you to personally work towards meeting these needs or aims.

Day 3 - Decoding My Life Purpose
Understanding the Spiritual Law of Karma.
Learning to "read" your karmas and follow the clues towards your spiritual assignment.
An action plan for decoding your life purpose.

Day 4 - Co-creating and Fulfilling Your Spiritual Assignments
Taking an active role in your destiny.
The powers of your Soul and how to use them purposefully.
Taking responsibility for your path.

Day 5 - Overcoming Your Obstacles
Learn to rise again and again.
Dealing with failure, disappointment, and feeling stuck
Becoming unstoppable in living your life purpose.

Reflections from the last day of workshop week!

Your Instructor


Namaskar! My name is Ved and I support people who want to live in alignment with the spiritual principles of Yoga. Over the years I have had a close relationship with an enlightened Yoga master and have done my best to absorb the deeper practice of Yoga from him. I am very grateful for the opportunity to study yoga and share the practice with others. It is a great blessing to be part of a community seeking higher consciousness and balance in life.

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